The Story

The Smoky Willow symbol is a combination of two ancient runes. One meaning travel and journey, and the other endurance and survival. The ancient origins of runic characters evoke a return to the simple life: to living off the land, subject to the elements, and becoming a part of the earth.

True to this nature, we offer practical (and stylish) products that will keep your feet happy as you roam the wilderness or cozy up in a cabin. Smoky Willow socks are for wanderers. They are for travelers, dreamers, doers, adventurers, and anyone who recognizes the beauty of the earth.

As human beings, we have been given stewardship over the earth. Smoky Willow is committed to donating one dollar to conservation efforts for every purchase. Our packaging is made from recycled and natural products that can be easily recycled again. However, we can’t control the impact of our company all by ourselves. So we urge you to do your part to finish the job and recycle or reuse your Smoky Willow packaging.

We hope you love our socks and the environment we have created here at Smoky Willow.


xx Willow & Smoky