Brand Ambassadors

Hello there!

If you've come to this page, then you must be interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Smoky Willow on Instagram. Smoky and I are always looking for ambassadors who:

- connect with our brand

- will be professional, honest and hold up their end of the deal

- love adventuring and documenting those adventures through photography

- have a public Instagram account



Smoky Willow ambassadors are expected to:

- follow the Smoky Willow Instagram account

- advocate for the Smoky Willow brand (ideas can be found in form link below)

- interact with Instagram posts (i.e. like, comment regularly, repost to stories)


Smoky Willow ambassadors will receive:

- access to an unlimited-use 30% off code

- a personalized 15% off discount code for their followers

- access to new products before they're officially released


Smoky Willow will have:

- permission to use any pictures posted by ambassadors (the credit will always be given to the image owners)

- the right to revoke ambassador privileges if the participant fails to meet ambassador requirements at any time


If you feel you have something to offer and want to work with us, just fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

xx Willow & Smoky