Skater Squatch Patch

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Do you believe in Bigfoot? Whether you do or don't, this Sasquatch patch is sure to keep the myth alive. Every patch tag is made with clean scrap cardboard and each patch is made in-house. Apply to your favorite hat, your favorite bag, or even the roof of your car! 

1. Preheat iron to polyester setting, no steam. 
2. Place patch in desired location on project.
3. Flip project over and iron from backside of project material. Pro tip: place parchment paper between iron and fabric to avoid searing.
4. Press firmly and iron in small, circular motions for 8 seconds on each section until entire patch is bonded (around 30 seconds total).
Time listed above is for cotton fabrics. If using lighter fabric, iron for only 6 seconds at a time. Use an additional 2 seconds if using thick fabric.

3.25" x 3.90"